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Unboxing the EPOS Sennheiser Impact SDW 5011

EPOS’ 3-in-1 Impact Headset piqued my interest due to its simple PC connection and headset clarity. Luckily, for anyone suffering from headset fatigue you can just transform the monaural smoothly and comfortably. Customer comfort and experience has been a central focus with this design due to today’s unpredictable work environments. 

From the moment I opened the package the Epos Impact SDW 5011 was a seamless experience. Inside the black carry bag is a headband, ear hook, neckband and charging cable. Also, there are no more headaches with moving the charging stand because this headset’s charging cable makes working on the go easier than ever. The DECT Dongle is inside a sleek box with the valuable instructions. I recommend reading the instructions before attempting to assemble it yourself. The parts only need a light push or pull to assemble and disassemble thus, anyone is able to use this product. The visuals provide a great assistance with assembling and transforming the EPOS Impact SDW 5011 into your desired headset. 

Comfortable communication

The adjustable headband and leatherette ear pad are light and comfortable to wear and stop discomfort from interrupting your work. Seamlessness continued through to connecting to my PC. The DECT Dongle is sleek and easy to insert into any USB port. It instantly connected to my PC and was perfect for any Microsoft or Zoom meetings. Unfortunately, you can’t connect the headset to your phone because it does not have Bluetooth connection. However, the light design of the monaural headset allowed me to communicate and multitask with ease and comfort throughout the day. 

Unwanted Noise No more

The most impressing element of the Epos Sennheiser Impact SDW 5011, is the noise cancelling technology. The headset has a dual microphone noise cancelling system to make sure your voice is the focus and stops the unwanted background noise from interrupting your call. This was especially useful in my busy office where call clarity is a priority. Interruptions are further ceased through the inbuilt online indicator light. A flashing blue light on the earpiece warns surrounding colleagues that you’re busy thus, increasing positive communication in the office. 

Light, seamless, and comfortable is how I would describe the EPOS Sennheiser Impact SDW 5011. Working with this product has reduced my headset fatigue and allowed me to multitask more effectively. Communication has never been so simple with the EPOS Sennheiser Impact SDW 5011.

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