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New Release: Poly Studio P15 Personal Video Bar

Poly Studio P15Put your best foot forward with the Poly Studio P15 Personal Video Bar. In the past year, our work environments have become unpredictable and transformed to working from home or the office. Here at Databox, we understand that no one should have to deal with this unpredictability when trying to video call! That’s why Poly’s newly released Poly Studio 15 Personal Video bar will ease the stress of working from home, and ensure you always put your best face forward on video calls in one, sleek device.

The Poly Studio P15 professional-grade features ensure you can:

Show up and stand out with exceptional optics and powerful audio

Move with confidence with the Automatic camera framing

Set it up within seconds with ease.

Front and centre

Ensure you are the focus in every video conference with exceptional automatic camera framing. Say no to uncomfortable and rigid conferences with The Poly Studio P15 Personal Video device. The innovative and modern device allows you to move freely and with confidence whilst ensuring you always remain the focus. When you move around your office or home, the automatic centering adjusts to make sure you are the central focus of the frame.  The Poly Studio P15  personal video bars outstanding optics, and a high-performance 4K image sensor makes sure that your video conferences will be memorable.

Poly Studio P15 – Loud, and Clear

The unparalleled audio quality allows you to have a seamless experience with unwanted echoes or background noise a thing of the past. Poly’s cutting-edge noise-blocking tech provides you with the freedom to move and command the conversation. Its multi-microphone array follows your motion to make sure your voice comes through clearly in any space. The integrated speaker features an acoustic suspension with a passive radiator for a clear and unmatched sound. This innovative sound technology will work seamlessly in the office, home or conference spaces to ensure your video calls are of the highest quality.

The Poly Studio P15 personal video bar  is certified for Zoom and Microsoft Teams. This video bar can be used seamlessly with any video app, so you can experience a smooth and stress-free conferencing experience. The sleek bar is simple to set up, and Poly Lens (Cloud-based Device Management Software) gives IT robust tools to manage devices and monitor them with ease.

The Poly Studio P15 Personal video bar  ensures you always put your best face forward with its professional-grade technology. No matter what time of the day, this innovative technology ensures you will always look clear, confident, and professional in every meeting.

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