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Tailored Office IT Relocation Services

Professional IT Relocation Services for Brisbane and Logan Businesses

Looking to relocate your business IT infrastructure? Look no further. Our professional IT relocation services ensure a seamless and efficient transition for your company. Simply provide us with your details and our experienced team will be in touch. Alternatively, you can reach us directly at 1300 603 404. Experience a hassle-free IT Relocation Services with us.

Databox Solutions IT Relocation Services

Infrastructure Relocation

Infrastructure Relocation:

We meticulously plan and execute the relocation of your IT infrastructure, ensuring all equipment is safely and securely moved to the new location.

Data Relocation

Data Relocation:

Our experts handle the sensitive task of transferring your valuable data, ensuring it is securely migrated without any loss or corruption.

Phone System Relocation

Phone System Relocation:

We take care of relocating your phone system, ensuring uninterrupted communication during the transition and minimising any downtime.

NBN Installation & Relocation

NBN Installation & Relocation:

As NBN specialists, we facilitate the installation and relocation of your NBN connection, ensuring high-speed internet connectivity in your new office.

Printers and Servers Relocation

Printers and Servers Relocation:

Our team handles the safe transportation and setup of your printers and servers, ensuring they are operational in the new environment.

Relocation of LAN/WAN Equipment

Relocation of LAN/WAN Equipment:

We assist with the relocation of your LAN/WAN equipment, ensuring a seamless network transition and optimal connectivity in the new location.

Steps For A Smooth IT Relocation Service

Schedule a Visit with our IT specialist

Schedule a site visit with our IT specialist at the new office location to review network cabling requirements. We inspect the new building’s network cabling, phone systems, and structural specifications to guarantee that they match your IT needs. Then, for all of your access points, routers, printers, devices, and server rooms, our team of experts will design the appropriate network layout.

Helpful Tip

At least 2 months before the move: Contact all carriers, ISPs (internet service providers), and technology vendors and inform them of your move date.

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We will take inventory of all of your existing equipment to determine whether it still meets your needs and will be suitable in the new location.

We’ll configure a new plan for your future office and establish how all of your communication systems will be organised.

  • Identifying locations for workstations, printers, scanners, routers, network cabling points, power jacks, data cables, etc.
  • Analyzing the server room for your requirements regarding cooling, ventilation, electrical requirements, and security.
  • Making a detailed blueprint of the office with your identified workstations, IT infrastructure, fixtures, and more.

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Protect your data

Make several backup copies of all company data systems including firewalls and servers, store copies where they will not be affected by the move. Ensure full recovery is possible so that, if something does go wrong, you’ll still be able to access all your company’s important data.

  • Develop multiple contingency plans to cover any delays, equipment breakages, and security breaches.
  • Make physical copies of all your data, and store backups in a safe location for the duration of the move. Make sure you are capable of performing disaster recovery, should something happen in transit.
  • Back up your systems to a public or private cloud and notify your provider of the relocation to discuss security protocols, potential changes, and any special conditions that may apply to the new environment.

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Disconnection and Packing

We understand that some of your technology and hardware may require specialised attention, and we are here to help. We will document all of your equipment and provide safe methods to ensure that your machines are safely disconnected and ready for your removalist to pack and transport.

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Assemble and Connect

As technical experts, we have the expertise to efficiently connect your devices. With careful pre-organization of your business phone systems, printers, communications racks, and data towers for the new locations, including power distribution plans and cabling, our installation process is designed to minimize downtime. Trust us to swiftly set up your devices, ensuring a smooth transition. Count on our expertise and efficiency for seamless device connections.

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Test Everything Out at the New Office

Our team of experts is dedicated to assisting you with any connectivity issues and ensuring a smooth setup of additional devices like printers or routers. We understand the impact of downtime and IT transition challenges on your business’s revenue. Let us handle the technical details while you focus on your team and customers. Trust us for a seamless transition and minimal disruptions during your IT relocation process.

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IT support

Databox will be your trusted partner for managed services. Take control of your IT with a proactive approach. Don’t wait until something breaks to get help managing your IT. With Databox, we can help maintain your systems and take a proactive approach for maximum productivity and reliability.

Why you need Databox managed services:

  • Fast response times
  • 100% guaranteed local support staff
  • Maintain your devices and networks
  • Cloud hosting
  • Network security
  • Data backup

With Databox, outstanding local Australian support is only a call away when you need help.


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Data Box Solutions

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Experience hassle-free IT relocation services for your Brisbane and Logan business. Our expert team guarantees a seamless and efficient transition of your IT infrastructure. Contact us at 1300 603 404 now or provide your details for a prompt response. Trust us to handle your IT relocation needs with utmost expertise and professionalism.

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