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Business Security Systems & IP Phones

Business Security Systems & IP Phones for Reduced Costs and Enhanced Security


A leader in sustainable plumbing solutions, this Australian family-owned manufacturing business has been at the forefront of developing eco-friendly showers and safe-assist fixtures for healthcare. With a commitment to innovation and quality, the company has carved a niche in the market, but faced challenges in telecommunications and security.

The Challenge:

The business was grappling with high telecommunications costs and an outdated security system. The existing phone system was not only costly but also lacked the modern features needed for efficient communication. Additionally, the security system was no longer adequate, leaving the premises vulnerable.

The Databox Solution:

Databox stepped in with a comprehensive solution that addressed both communication and security concerns. The transformation included:

  • NEC Phone System Upgrade: Transition to SIP trunks with the advent of NBN, ensuring business continuity and reduced telephony costs.
  • Alarm System Upgrade: Implementation of a modern alarm system with remote access capabilities, enhancing security and peace of mind.
  • CCTV Solution: Installation of advanced CCTV systems for comprehensive surveillance and security management.

NEC Phone System Upgrade:
The upgrade to the NEC Phone System equipped the business with the latest in communication technology. This included VoIP and unified communications, making everyday business communications smoother and more efficient. Most importantly, switching to SIP trunks cut costs significantly while keeping calls clear and reliable.

Alarm System Upgrade:
The new alarm system offers remote monitoring, allowing the business to respond quickly to any security issues. It sends real-time alerts and can be accessed from anywhere, which strengthens the security setup. Plus, it fits right in with the business’s existing systems, boosting overall security without interrupting day-to-day work.

CCTV System Installation:

The new CCTV setup covers the entire premises with high-quality video that can be watched from anywhere. This not only increases security but also adds more layers of surveillance. As a result, the workplace is safer and more secure.

The Transformation:

  • Significant Reduction in Telecommunications Costs: The shift to SIP trunks and streamlined phone systems led to a noticeable decrease in monthly expenses.
  • Enhanced Security and Surveillance: The new alarm and CCTV systems provided robust security measures, allowing remote monitoring and improved safety.
  • Business Continuity: The seamless transition to modern communication systems ensured uninterrupted business operations.

A detailed cost-benefit analysis revealed that the new systems not only reduced immediate expenses but also promised long-term financial sustainability. Employees expressed high satisfaction with the new systems, noting particularly the ease of use and enhanced functionality. This positive feedback highlights the successful integration of the new technology into the daily workflow.


The partnership with Databox marked a significant turning point for the manufacturing business. Not only did it lead to cost savings and enhanced security, but it also positioned the company for future growth and innovation. The CEO’s confidence in Databox’s expertise and solutions is a testament to the value and impact of the transformation. With Databox’s commitment to ongoing support and technological advancement, the business is well-equipped to adapt to future communication and security challenges.

Looking to the Future:

Databox is committed to providing continuous support and ensuring that our solutions evolve with our clients’ growing needs. We focus on scalable and upgradable solutions, ready to adapt to future technological advancements.

Contact Us:

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Client Testimonial

“The transformation by Databox has not only enhanced our operational efficiency but also significantly strengthened our security posture. The seamless transition and ongoing support have been exemplary.”

Business Security Systems & IP Phones

Business Security Systems

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