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Clinic’s Business Phone Systems Upgrade

Local Psychology Clinic’s Business Phone Systems Upgrade


Located in Brisbane, the Psychology Clinic is a renowned practice dedicated to providing comprehensive psychology services for children, adolescents, and adults. As the clinic expanded, the need for an advanced communication system became evident to manage client bookings and inter-site coordination effectively.

The Challenge:

The clinic’s existing business phone systems were inadequate for their growing needs. It lacked the necessary features to manage client interactions efficiently, especially between their two locations, leading to operational inefficiencies and communication barriers.

The Databox Solution:

Databox provided a tailored solution to meet the unique needs of the Psychology Clinic:

  • Hosted Phone Solution: Transition from a single handset system to a fully hosted solution, enabling centralized call management and seamless transfer between sites.
  • NBN Integration: Upgraded both sites to the NBN, enhancing internet reliability and call quality, crucial for scheduling and managing counselling sessions.

The Transformation:

  • Enhanced Client Communication: The new system streamlined client bookings and improved overall communication efficiency.
  • Increased Productivity: Staff could manage calls and schedules more effectively, leading to better service delivery.
  • Business Expansion: The clinic launched a second business arm, leveraging the robust communication infrastructure provided by Databox.


The Psychology Clinic’s partnership with Databox marked a significant improvement in their operational capabilities. The innovative solutions not only enhanced their customer service levels but also supported their business growth, demonstrating Databox’s commitment to understanding and meeting client needs effectively.

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