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What is a business computer network?

What is a business computer network? 

Almost every company relies on computers to store data. Trying to communicate with employees and customers can become difficult when you have to source information from separate computers. There is a solution!

Computer networks allow your business or organisation to share data and information to numerous computers in any physical location. Computer networks are used to connect multiple computers to each and other devices. Such as printers, scanners, and fax machines. This centralised database will connect your business data to all employees and will ultimately increase productivity within the workplace. 


  • Improve communication. 
  • Access information with ease.
  • Protect your data. 
  • Reduce errors and improve consistency.
  • Reduce costs and drive efficiency. 

Network and Internet Connection Security

Your business and its data need to be protected. Using a computer network makes protecting all your company’s information easier than ever. To protect the business network, company IT administrators can set up compulsory password rules. This can be in the form of periodic expiring passwords, authentication systems, or verification systems. 

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