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Quick setup. Easy to use. Local support.

We have been instrumental in streamlining call centre operations nationwide. Databox Solutions is at the forefront of revolutionising the creation of call centre phone systems. Say goodbye to exorbitant setup fees and unsupported equipment. Instead, embrace an affordable cloud phone system solution that caters to your specific needs.

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Call Centre Solution Features

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD):

ACD routes incoming calls to the most appropriate agent or department based on predefined rules, such as agent availability, skills, or caller preferences. This feature helps ensure efficient call handling and reduces wait times.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR):

IVR systems use pre-recorded voice prompts to interact with callers and gather information through touch-tone or speech recognition inputs. IVR can handle basic inquiries, provide self-service options, and route callers to the right department or agent.

Call Queuing:

Call queuing allows callers to wait in a line until an agent becomes available. It provides them with updates on their position in the queue, estimated wait times, and options like call-back or voicemail.

Call Monitoring and Recording:

Supervisors or managers can monitor calls in real-time to assess agent performance, provide coaching, and ensure quality standards are met. Call recording enables review for training purposes, dispute resolution, and compliance requirements.

Call Analytics and Reporting:

Call centre solutions often provide comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities. This includes metrics like call volume, average handling time, service level, agent performance, and customer satisfaction. These insights help identify trends, monitor KPIs, and make data-driven decisions.

CRM Integration:

Integration with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems allows agents to access caller information, call history, and other relevant data during interactions. This improves personalized customer service, enhances efficiency, and facilitates seamless workflows.

Multi-channel Support:

Databox Solutions call centre solutions support multiple communication channels, such as voice calls, email, chat, social media, and SMS. This enables customers to reach out via their preferred channel, and agents can handle interactions consistently across channels.

Skills-Based Routing:

Skills-based routing ensures that calls are directed to agents with the appropriate expertise to handle specific inquiries or issues. It matches caller needs with agent skills, leading to better customer experiences and faster resolution times.

Real-time Dashboards:

Real-time dashboards provide an overview of call centre performance, including agent status, call queues, service level indicators, and key metrics. Supervisors and managers can monitor operations and make informed decisions in real-time.

Workforce Management:

Workforce management features help optimise scheduling, staffing, and forecasting. This includes features like shift management, agent adherence tracking, performance forecasting, and workload distribution to ensure efficient resource allocation.

Call Centre Handset Options

Choose from a range of trusted brands for your call centre requirements:


Easy to set up, easy to use, and compatible with almost any platform.

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Yealink voip phone
Yealink voip phone

Reliable and high-quality handsets for your business

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NEC phone system
NEC phone system

Market leading Unified call centre solutions for businesses

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Call Centre Solutions - Headset Options

Enhance your call centre experience with top-notch headsets from the following leading brands:

Jabra Headsets
Jabra headsets
Jabra headsets

Elevate your communication experience with Jabra headsets. Offering top-notch sound quality, ergonomic design, and innovative features, Jabra ensures crystal-clear voice transmission, enhanced comfort, and seamless integration with popular communication platforms.

Poly Headsets
Poly headsets
POLY headsets

Experience superior audio performance and exceptional comfort with Poly headsets. Designed with cutting-edge technology, Poly delivers clear communication, advanced noise cancellation, and versatile connectivity options, making it an ideal choice for professionals in various industries.

Epos Headsets
Epos headsets
Epos headsets

Immerse yourself in premium audio performance with EPOS headsets. With a focus on precision engineering and superior sound quality, EPOS offers state-of-the-art headsets that combine cutting-edge technology, sleek design, and exceptional comfort for an unparalleled communication experience

Yealink Headsets
Yealink headsets
Yealink voip phone

Enjoy reliable and high-quality communication with Yealink headsets. Engineered with precision and attention to detail, Yealink delivers exceptional audio clarity, comfortable wearing options, and intuitive controls, making it a trusted choice for businesses of all sizes

Teams-optimized Headsets
Teams-optimized headsets
Teams-optimized headsets

Maximize your productivity in Microsoft Teams with Teams-optimized headsets. These specially designed headsets provide seamless integration, enhanced call quality, intuitive call management features, and easy collaboration, ensuring a smooth and efficient communication experience within the Microsoft Teams environment.

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VoIP Solutions

Discover the power of our VoIP solutions, including VoIP Express and our innovative softphone offering. Our softphone is designed to address the demands of modern businesses, providing a cost-effective and flexible alternative to traditional phone systems. With the ability to make and receive calls directly from your computer or mobile device, it offers unparalleled convenience.

Key Features of our SoftPhone Solution:

  • Make and receive calls directly from your computer or mobile device
  • Collect valuable data to optimize the customer experience
  • Utilize features like call recording, call transfer, and call analytics
  • Benefit from Databox's reliable hosting services and expert local support
  • Enjoy advanced functionalities for seamless communication

Contact us today to learn more about how our soft phone and headset bundle can significantly benefit your business.

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VoIP Express: A Simple and Affordable Virtual Phone System

Transform your mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and PCs into powerful business phones with VoIP Express. Our feature-rich solution provides a wide array of capabilities, including call forwarding, voicemail, and video conferencing. With VoIP Express, you gain the flexibility and collaboration tools necessary for both professional and personal communication. Work from anywhere and at any time, while staying connected.

Reach out to us today to explore the possibilities of our virtual phone system, tailored to meet your business needs.

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