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Transforming Communication Infrastructure: Cabling, Servers and Phones

Embracing & Simplifying Modern Communication

In today’s fast-changing business environment, staying ahead often means embracing change. A recent business customer, though successful, found itself entangled in the web of outdated communication systems.

These systems not only hindered their day-to-day operations but also consumed a significant portion of space. Meaning it was hard to change, check and clean the area. Their aspiration was straightforward: To simplify their setup and transition communication solutions to be efficient, modern and clutter-free.


The customer had always prided itself on being at the forefront of its industry. However, as technology evolved, they realised that their communication infrastructure was becoming a major holdback on their company’s efficiency. The physical clutter in their office was a constant reminder of the urgent need for modernisation.

The Challenge

The office had its share of cables and on-premise phones taking up desk space. While their initial partnership with a well-known Australian communications provider served them well in the beginning, it was becoming less aligned with their current needs. The company’s leadership recognised the importance of updating their communication system to better support their evolving business goals.

That’s when they came to us to simplify their setup, upgrade their business internet and transition to a modern phone system solution like VoIP Express.

Before the Transformation

Before Picture 1 cable managment Before Picture 2 business cable management

Our Solution

Recognising the depth of the company’s challenges, we crafted a multi-faceted strategy:
  • Migration from Telstra to Opticomm: We ensured a seamless shift from Telstra to Opticomm, prioritising minimal disruption to the company’s operations. This move promised better service quality, enhanced features, and cost-effectiveness.
  • Embracing Hosted Phone Systems: We introduced them to state-of-the-art hosted phone systems, eliminating the need for bulky on-premise equipment. This not only freed up physical space but also offered a range of advanced features that the old system couldn’t match. They could now take calls from anywhere, anytime without the fear of dropouts. 
  • Revamping Cable Management & Data Cabinet: Our team undertook a meticulous cable management process, organising and simplifying. Additionally, we replaced their outdated data cabinet with a sleek, modern one, further optimising space and improving accessibility. This allowed more space to access much-needed equipment for future maintenance. 
  • Leveraging the Power of the Cloud: By transitioning their communication infrastructure to the cloud, we drastically reduced the company’s dependence on physical equipment. This not only meant a tidier workspace but also ensured data redundancy and easy scalability.

The Transformation

The company’s workspace underwent a dramatic transformation after our intervention:
  • Boosted Efficiency: With the new systems, employees no longer waste time grappling with outdated technology. Communication became smoother, fostering collaboration and speeding up decision-making processes.
  • A Revitalised Workspace: The once cluttered office with cables and equipment everywhere was transformed. The workspace now exuded a sense of order and cleanliness, creating a more pleasant environment for the employees. The space also became safer for future maintenance or repairs. 
  • Cost Savings: The shift to Opticomm and the cloud-based phone system resulted in tangible financial benefits. The company saw a notable reduction in its monthly bills and maintenance costs.
  • Enhanced Security & Scalability: The cloud-based solutions not only simplified operations but also added layers of security. Allowing calls to stay secure and stored for training and  Moreover, as the company grew, scaling up the communication infrastructure became a breeze.

After the Transformation

After Picture 1 Databox Cable Management

Employee & Customer Feedback

The benefits weren’t just on paper. Employees expressed their appreciation for the cleaner, more efficient workspace. With the cloud phone system solution and reliable internet, they felt more productive and less stressed about communication dropouts. leading to an overall improvement in job satisfaction.

On the other hand, customers noticed improved communication efficiency, which translated to quicker responses and resolutions to their queries.


This case study serves as a testament to the transformative power of modern communication solutions. By understanding the company’s unique challenges and aspirations, we were able to deliver a solution that not only met but exceeded their expectations. The company’s journey from a cluttered past to streamlined office communication solutions underscores the importance of staying updated with the current industry needs.

In today’s business age, simplifying, modernising, and optimising are not just buzzwords; they are essential pillars for business success.

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