Park Ridge Animal Hospital

Happy staff, improved customer service

Databox 16 handset capped call plan hosted telephone solution, Databox business grade 100/40 NBN connection

Park Ridge Animal Hospital offers friendly, expert and affordable veterinary care. Open 7 days a week, this award-winning practice provides surgical care, as well as diagnostic, wellbeing and dentistry services.

The hospital called Databox because its phone system was failing on a daily basis. Calls were constantly dropping out, causing great frustration for staff. Worse still, the hospital was losing clients because of its unreliable phone system.

Databox came to the rescue with a solution that was not only reliable, but also saved the client money.

The Databox solution

Parkridge Animal Hospital had an old PBX phone system and multiple suppliers for internet, phones and PBX maintenance. Databox streamlined the whole process so they now get a single bill for voice, data and service. The new system allows staff to feel more professional and confident because they can answer their clients concerns and make bookings without fear of the system dropping out.

This solution also saved monthly ongoing costs and has helped to improve productivity.

We continue to provide ongoing technical support as required, so Park Ridge Animal Hospital can feel confident that if they do encounter any issues, they’ll be dealt with quickly by our expert local technicians.

Why Park Ridge Animal Hospital chose Databox

Park Ridge Animal Hospital chose Databox because of our professional approach to understanding their business and finding a solution that could reduce costs and help increase productivity.

“I now have happy customers and receptionists who are not frustrated because phone calls are dropping out. The system has more features than the old traditional PBX and I have one bill instead of multiple providers, which saves me time.

“Databox is an honest business that goes the extra mile to ensure their customers get the solution that is best for them. They have experienced and knowledgeable technicians who ensure the job is done right and their after sales service is fast and efficient when required.”