Microsoft Teams Integration

Discover the Power of Databox Solutions Microsoft Teams Integration

Elevate your office communication with seamless integration between Databox Solutions PBX and Microsoft Teams. Whether you're using an external SBC or our built-in SBC, this integration unlocks new communication possibilities for your business

Connect Unsupported Devices

Seamlessly integrate devices supported by Databox Solutions PBX but not directly supported by Teams, expanding your network options.

Leverage Overhead Paging

Utilise the PBX's overhead paging capabilities within the Teams environment for easy announcements.

Enable Simple Group Calling

Benefit from simple group calling functionality in the PBX and extend it to Microsoft Teams.

Add Extra Extensions

Easily incorporate additional extensions exclusively for telephony purposes.

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Databox Solutions & Microsoft TeamsĀ®

  • From the perspective of Databox Solutions PBX, Microsoft Teams serves as a special SIP trunk that sends and receives calls.
  • When calling an extension in the PBX, Teams extensions are automatically included, simultaneously ringing VoIP phones, Teams devices, and apps.
  • Incoming calls from Teams appear as if they originate from a PBX extension.
  • Teams users can call not only other PBX extensions but also agent groups, hunt groups, paging groups, star codes, and external numbers.
  • Teams extensions can be seamlessly integrated into agent groups or hunt groups for inbound call routing.
  • For a Microsoft-certified SBC, you can simply place it between the Databox Solutions PBX and Teams. The PBX will then use the trunk to that SBC instead of the trunk to Teams, with everything else remaining the same.

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Interoperability Made Easy

Keep your existing VoIP Phones: Databox Solutions PBX supports a wide range of VoIP devices, DECT phones, door phones, analog adapters (ATA), and paging devices. Keep your existing VoIP phones to save on costs while benefiting from the integration.

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Integration Features for Seamless Collaboration

Databox Solutions PBX and Teams work together to help companies create, collaborate, and celebrate their work by connecting everyone through the organization.

Extension Flexibility

Databox Solutions extensions can mirror Teams extensions, allowing devices on both systems to ring simultaneously, enabling users to pick up calls effortlessly.

Users can utilise VoIP phones, cell phones, browsers, Apps, or any device that uses the SIP protocol for communication.

Extensions can also stand alone, extending the organisation's reach outside of Teams.

Hunt and Agent Groups Made Easy

Microsoft Teams members can effortlessly belong to hunt and agent groups on Databox Solutions PBX, utilising its routing features and generating reports for analysis.

Calls can be automatically recorded, even when users connect the call on Teams.

SIP Phones

PBX supports a wide range of devices on various interoperability levels. For most devices, the PBX automatically generates provisioning data, making integration easy for administrators. It also supports various soft phones, further extending the variety of devices accessible to Teams users.

Ultimate Flexibility and Easy Integration

PBX has a feature-rich history of over 15 years, accessible directly from Microsoft Teams.

Enjoy customisation possibilities on both the front and back end, extending what can be done from the Microsoft Office product.

DID and ANI Management

Easily assign phone numbers to Microsoft and Non-Microsoft extensions using our DID management list.

Leverage Databox Solutions' flexible routing and number presentation schemes for Teams extensions, extending what can be done with Teams.

Cost-Effective Solution

Databox Solutions turns Microsoft Teams into an attractive communication solution for various industries, including hotels, retirement homes, transportation companies, and more.

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