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Interactive Whiteboard Brisbane
Install the Best Interactive Whiteboards

The Best Interactive Whiteboards & Electronics Whiteboards in Brisbane

We offer a wide range of high-quality touch screens in Brisbane, suitable for business, educational, and training sectors. Our selection includes digital whiteboard displays from top manufacturers to meet the growing demands of our clients.

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Explore Our Interactive Whiteboards

Our selection of Solutions are carefully curated to meet each client’s unique needs. We understand that not all products are created equal and that each business or educational institution has unique requirements.

That’s why our team takes the time to learn about your needs and recommend the best solution for your situation. Our team has helped install boards for:

We offer a great selection of interactive electronic whiteboards in all sizes, allowing you to create freely, present easily, and annotate effortlessly in the office or classroom.

video conferencing solutions

Benefits of Interactive Whiteboards

With a Touch Screen LCD whiteboard in your classroom or boardroom, you can:

Electronic whiteboard screens

Voice Control and Handwriting Recognition

Our range of Digital Touch Screens provide the convenience of voice control and handwriting recognition, allowing for efficient operation.

Microsoft Teams Interactive Screen

Annotate, Communicate, and Collaborate

Enhance meetings and presentations with effective annotation, communication, and collaboration features.

Digital Board for Education

Enhanced Presentations with Video and Graphics

Bring presentations to life by adding dynamic media elements like videos and graphics.

Real-Time Edits

Real-Time Edits

Easily update content in real-time during presentations or meetings for a more dynamic interaction.

Easy Integration

Easy Integration

Seamlessly integrate with other systems and devices, enhancing connectivity and usability.

User-Friendly Interactive Whiteboards

User-Friendly Interactive Whiteboards

Simple and quick connectivity with various devices, perfect for efficient setup and use.

Interactive Whiteboards

Get in Touch with Our Specialists

Discover our range from Databox Solutions Brisbane for your business, training, or educational institution.

Contact our dedicated specialists in Brisbane for expert advice on electronic smart whiteboards, interactive flat panels, and projectors. Our experienced team ensures tailored solutions for classrooms and businesses. We’re committed to delivering exceptional meeting experiences. Our expertise in the industry equips us to understand and meet the diverse needs of businesses of all sizes.

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Interactive Electronic Whiteboards at Databox Solutions

Interactive electronic whiteboards are transforming the way people engage, collaborate, and absorb information in various settings, including business meetings, staff training, university lectures and school classrooms.

At Databox Solutions, we offer a wide range of high-quality and cost-effective interactive electronic whiteboards that come in various sizes, allowing you to unleash your creativity, deliver presentations seamlessly, and annotate with ease in any workplace or educational institution.

If you want to learn more about our wall mounted touchscreens and how they can benefit your business, training or educational institution, our dedicated specialists are here to help. Get in touch with us today for more information.For the latest displays and systems for your business, training, or educational facility, contact one of the dedicated specialists at Databox Solutions, your local business partner in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast or Toowoomba today.

Our comprehensive Smartboards for Business services include

Smart Board Integration:

We provide complete Smart Board integration solutions to enhance your presentations, making them more interactive and engaging.

Wall Mount Solutions:

Our wall mount solutions ensure your Smartboard display is always perfectly positioned, saving valuable floor space.

Exceptional Anti-Glare Properties:

Our whiteboard displays come with excellent anti-glare properties for clear visibility from all angles.

Unparalleled Customer Service:

We pride ourselves on providing prompt, reliable, and friendly customer service to all our clients.

Mobile Device Connection:

Our range of products support mobile device connection, allowing real-time sharing and collaboration.

Education Space Enhancement:

We deliver solutions designed to revolutionise your presentations and transform your educational spaces with interactive technology.

Enhance Your Workspace with Interactive Whiteboards

Revolutionising Business Interactionsy

Interactive Whiteboards

Interactive whiteboards are transforming how businesses in Australia communicate and collaborate. These advanced boards integrate seamlessly into any office environment, providing a dynamic platform for presentations, brainstorming sessions, and interactive meetings. With their user-friendly interface and versatile functionality, interactive whiteboards are an essential tool for modern businesses looking to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving corporate world.

A New Era of Efficiency

Smartboards for Offices

Smartboards for offices are more than just an upgrade from traditional whiteboards; they are a leap into the future of workplace efficiency and engagement. From small startups to large corporations, smartboards bring a level of interactivity and productivity that is unmatched. Whether it’s real-time collaboration across different locations or bringing a new level of engagement to your presentations, these smartboards are changing the way Australian businesses operate.

Office Screen
Business whiteboards
The Competitive Edge

Smartboards for Business

Embracing smartboards for business is not just about keeping up with technology – it’s about gaining a competitive edge. These tools facilitate more engaging and productive meetings, enable effective remote collaboration, and provide interactive training experiences. They are designed to cater to the diverse needs of various industries, making them a valuable asset for any Australian business aiming to enhance communication and teamwork.

Empower Your Team with Interactive Technology

Modern businesses and educational institutions are leveraging the power of interactive technology to enhance collaboration and stimulate engaging discussions. Databox Solutions is at the forefront of providing superior interactive solutions, designed to take your presentations to the next level.

Our product line includes a diverse range of interactive displays available in multiple dimensions to fit your space perfectly. Engineered with user-friendly connectivity, superior anti-glare screens for comfortable viewing, and intuitive control options, these devices simplify complex processes.

Whether you operate in a corporate environment or an academic setting, our state-of-the-art solutions can enrich the interaction experiences of your staff or students. For further details about our interactive technology and how it can transform your organisation, reach out to our expert consultants at Databox Solutions.

Maxhub Screens

Upgrade your workspace with

Interactive Flat Panel Displays:

Our Interactive Flat Panel Displays offer a seamless blend of write, touch, and swipe functionalities, providing an intuitive user experience unmatched by conventional digital panels.

Wide Range of Room Solutions:

We offer a diverse range of interactive whiteboards, each tailored to meet the specific needs of different educational institutions and business organizations.

Seamless Communication:

Our LCD Boards support seamless communication and collaboration, enabling users to share and edit content in real time for productive brainstorming sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions about Interactive Whiteboards

What does an interactive whiteboard do?

An interactive whiteboard is a dynamic tool that displays and allows manipulation of digital content through touch or pen input. It’s designed to enhance business presentations, collaborative work, and educational sessions by enabling real-time interaction with multimedia elements, such as images, videos, and websites, making it an invaluable asset for modern business environments.

What are two advantages of interactive whiteboards?

The key advantages of interactive whiteboards in a business setting include enhanced engagement and improved collaboration. Firstly, they make presentations and meetings more engaging and interactive, allowing participants to contribute actively. Secondly, they facilitate better collaboration, enabling team members to edit and annotate directly on the display, which is ideal for brainstorming sessions and project planning.

Is SMART Board the same as an interactive whiteboard?

Yes, a SMART Board is a type of interactive whiteboard. SMART Board is a brand that specialises in interactive technology, offering features specifically designed for business and educational purposes. While all SMART Boards are interactive whiteboards, not all interactive whiteboards are SMART Boards. There are various brands and models available, each with unique features tailored to different business needs.

How do Interactive Whiteboards Enhance Remote Collaboration?

Interactive whiteboards are ideal for remote collaboration, allowing team members in different locations to participate actively in meetings and brainstorming sessions. They can view, annotate, and interact with shared content in real-time, making distance collaboration as effective as face-to-face meetings.

Can Interactive Whiteboards Integrate with Other Business Tools?

Yes, most interactive whiteboards are designed to integrate seamlessly with a variety of business tools and software, including video conferencing platforms, project management apps, and CRM systems. This integration enhances workflow efficiency and ensures a cohesive technological ecosystem in the workplace.

What is the Lifespan of an Interactive Whiteboard?

The lifespan of an interactive whiteboard depends on several factors, including the make and model, usage frequency, and maintenance. Generally, with proper care, they can last several years, making them a sound investment for businesses looking to modernise their communication and collaboration tools.

Are Interactive Whiteboards Difficult to Install and Maintain?

Interactive whiteboards are generally user-friendly in terms of installation and maintenance. Many models come with straightforward setup procedures, and ongoing maintenance typically involves regular software updates and basic hardware upkeep, similar to other office technology.


Mobile Device Connection Made Easy

With Databox Solutions’ screens, connecting your mobile devices for better collaboration has never been simpler. Whether you’re using a tablet or smartphone, our boards offer effortless screen sharing and real-time collaboration to enhance your meeting or learning experience.

Moreover, our interactive whiteboards come with anti-glare technology to ensure a comfortable viewing experience under various lighting conditions. Perfect for presentations, educational settings, or brainstorming sessions, our boards are designed to elevate your interactive experiences.

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