Business security systems

A security system to suit your business

Databox can help you protect your assets with a sophisticated business security system. Our advanced alarm systems and CCTV security cameras can give you peace of mind, improve productivity and potentially reduce your insurance costs.

A security system offers several benefits, from monitoring customer and employee traffic and tracking product movement, to reducing fraudulent claims and deterring theft and vandalism.

Don’t get caught out with a low-end, off the shelf system. Our security solutions are up-to-date, using the best technology available, including number plate recognition and high definition video.

We’ll also put your security system in the palm of your hand, with an easy-to-use app to control and monitor your system from any location.

Expert advice, systems that work

There’s a lot more to installing a business security system than hooking up an alarm and a few cameras. Our specialist technician will visit your business to identify and recommend a solution that can reduce your exposure to crime and increase the security of your employees.

Know that your office or worksite is protected with the latest in security and surveillance.

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